Friday, June 3, 2011

Writer's Choice Piece

Affirming assumption: “Pop culture reflects the most current interests and trends in a society.”
          Right now people are trying to keep up with the latest trends. For instance, plastic surgery is a current interest in our society. In Christine Rosen’s essay “You- Only Better” she stated, “In recent years, a peculiar species of thought has emerged- call it Vanitus Democratus- that doesn’t merely tolerate, but embraces cosmetic surgery as evidence of our country’s commitment to equality, prosperity, and individual autonomy” (613).
          Think about a magazine. The first page or the cover says something like “How I lost 30 pounds” or “Half my size”. Then you find several pages talking about weight loss. This is very common. A lot of magazines do that because weight loss is a current interest. Magazines always have advice on the weight loss topic.  
          Other trends that are in style right now are iPhones, iPods, texting, Facebook, etc. Pop culture includes all these things. The media wants people to stay up with the latest styles/trends because pop culture is controlled by corporations that is looking for profit.  

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