Friday, June 3, 2011

Voice and Audience Piece

What's in my Purse?
          If one was to open my purse they would be surprised to find so many things inside. Even though my wallet is very simple, I have other things that I carry with me.
          My wallet has a twenty dollar bill, Starbuck’s card, Everett public library card, Sno-Isle library card and 2 photos of my family. Looking at my wallet, a person would probably be surprised because there are no credit cards or debit cards. They would most likely think that I love libraries and that I spend a lot of time there. Also, they might think that I love my family and Starbucks. Another assumption they could have is that I’m poor. They could even predict that this wallet belongs to a young teenager since there’s no driver license or permit.
          Looking inside my purse, the person would see: Chap Stick, mirror, gum, notepad, pen, tissues, comb, hairspray, lint roller, cough drops, French hand fan, Neosporin and a Bible. Based on these findings, one could assume that I like to look good, I get sick often, and I’m Christian.
          Although some of these assumptions are true, the contents in my purse do not construct a vivid image of my identity. For instance, I rarely go to a public library, but I have the cards with me just in case I’ll need to check out a book. Also, I am not that little. I am 17 years old. I don’t have my license but my permit is in the car, which I don’t take out because I drive only one car. I don’t get sick often but I like to be prepared. This way I can fight the virus with what I have! The reason I don’t have credit or debit card is because I think it’s best to pay right away. I go with cash.
          On the other hand, I am Christian and I love my family. I often go to Starbucks with friends. And like most girls, I want to make sure my hair looks good when I go out somewhere. At the same time, the person wouldn’t know that I love to travel and play volleyball. They wouldn’t know that I’m horrible at math. They wouldn’t know that I want to make a difference in this world.
          Perhaps a stranger looking at my purse could make a generalization about who I am but that would only be one piece of the puzzle. To put all the pieces together it would take much more time and details to find out who really I am.

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